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»  Code for “The Effect of Benefit Underreporting on Estimates of Poverty in the United States” // (open-access version)

  • Merging TRIM into CPS ASEC

Download the Stata dofile here to view and run the commands:

Dofile 1 of 2: Merging TRIM into CPS ASEC
Download: https://github.com/cpstotrim/dofiles/blob/master/replication_dofile1.do

  • Re-Estimating Poverty Rates with TRIM-Adjusted Data

The Stata dofile below contains the code to estimate poverty rates with the TRIM-adjusted benefits and to replicate each of the analyses in this paper.

Dofile 2 of 2: Estimating Poverty Rates with TRIM-Adjusted Benefits
Download: https://github.com/cpstotrim/dofiles/blob/master/replication_dofile2.do