Research & Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

» Brady, D. & Parolin, Z. (Forthcoming). “Increasing Deep and Extreme Poverty in the U.S., 1993-2016.” Demography.

» Parolin, Z & Siöland, L. (Forthcoming). “Support for a Universal Basic Income: A Demand-Capacity Paradox?” Journal of European Social Policy. (Recipient of 2019 Doctoral Researcher Prize from European Social Policy Analysis Network).

»  Parolin, Z. (2019). “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Black-White Child Poverty Gap in the United States.” Socio-Economic Review.

»  Parolin, Z. & Luigjes, C. (2019). “Incentive to Retrench? Investigating the Interactions of State and Federal Social Assistance Programs after Welfare Reform.” Social Service Review.

»  Parolin, Z. (2019). “The Effect of Benefit Underreporting on Estimates of Poverty in the United States.” Social Indicators Research.

»  Parolin, Z. & Brady, D. (2019). “Extreme Child Poverty and the Role of Social Policy in the United States.” Journal of Poverty & Social Justice. (Recipient of FISS Best Paper Prize 2018.)

»  Cantillon, B., Parolin, Z. & Collado, D. (2019). “A Glass Ceiling on Poverty Reduction? An Empirical Investigation into the Structural Constraints on Minimum Income Protections.” Journal of European Social Policy.

»  Filauro, S. & Parolin, Z.* (2018). “Unequal Unions? A Comparative Decomposition of Income Inequality in the European Union & United States.Journal of European Social Policy.

»  Laird, J., Parolin, Z., Waldfogel, J. & Wimer, C. (2018).”Poor State, Rich State: Understanding the Variability of Poverty Rates Across U.S. States.Sociological Science.

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»  Parolin, Z. & Wiseman, M. (2017). “Restoring the Entrails of Welfare Reform.Poverty & Public Policy.

Book Reviews

»  Parolin, Z. (2019). “The Fiscalization of Social Policy: How Taxpayers Trumped Children in the Fight Against Child Poverty” by Joshua T McCabe. Social Forces.

Working Papers

»  Parolin, Z. (2019) “Automation and Occupational Wage Trends: What Role for Unions and Collective Bargaining?” OECD Working Papers. (OECD Future of Work Fellowship)

»  Parolin, Z. (2017). “Applying Augmented Survey Data to Produce More Accurate, Precise, and Internationally Comparable Estimates of Poverty within the 50 United States.” CSB Working Paper, No. 17-09.

»  Parolin, Z. (2016). “The Sum of Its Parts? Assessing Variation and Trends in Family Income Support Across the 48 Contiguous United States.” CSB Working Paper, No. 16-05.

Book Chapters

»  Cantillon, B., Marchal, S., & Parolin, Z. (forthcoming). “Minimum Income Protections in the United States and European Union.” In Choices and Change in European and American Welfare State Reform, edited by Joseph Cordes and Christian Toft. Oxford University Press.