Research & Publications


» “Poor State, Rich State: Why Some States Have More Poverty Than Others, and What They Can Do About It.” Co-authored with Jennifer Laird. Under Contract with Oxford University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

»  Parolin, Z., Matsudaira, J., Waldfogel, J., & Wimer, C. (Forthcoming). “Exposure to Childhood Poverty and Racial Differences in Economic Opportunity in Young Adulthood.” Demography.

»  Parolin, Z., Curran, M., Matsudaira, J., Waldfogel, J., & Wimer, C. (2022). “Estimating Monthly Poverty Rates in the United States.Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

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» Lee, E. & Parolin, Z. (2021). “The Care Burden During COVID-19: A National Database of Child Care Closures in the United States.Socius.

» Parolin, Z. (2021). “Income Support Policies and the Rise of Student and Family Homelessness.The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

»  Baker, R., Brady, D., Parolin, Z., and Williams, D. (2021). “The Enduring Significance of Ethno-Racial Inequalities in Poverty in the U.S., 1993–2017.Population Research and Policy Review.

»  Ferragina, E., and Parolin, Z.. (2021). “Care earnings in the United States and 24 European countries: The role of social policy and labour market institutions.Social Policy & Administration.

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»  Parolin, Z. (2019). “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and the Black-White Child Poverty Gap in the United States.” Socio-Economic Review.

» Parolin, Z & Siöland, L. (2019). “Support for a Universal Basic Income: A Demand-Capacity Paradox?” Journal of European Social Policy. (Recipient of 2019 Doctoral Researcher Prize from European Social Policy Analysis Network).

»  Parolin, Z. & Luigjes, C. (2019). “Incentive to Retrench? Investigating the Interactions of State and Federal Social Assistance Programs after Welfare Reform.” Social Service Review.

»  Parolin, Z. (2019). “The Effect of Benefit Underreporting on Estimates of Poverty in the United States.” Social Indicators Research.

»  Parolin, Z. & Brady, D. (2019). “Extreme Child Poverty and the Role of Social Policy in the United States.” Journal of Poverty & Social Justice. (Recipient of FISS Best Paper Prize 2018.)

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»  Oliver, K. & Parolin, Z. (2018). “Assessing the policy and practice impact of an international policy initiative: the State of the World’s Midwifery 2014.” BMC Health Services Research.

»  Parolin, Z. & Wiseman, M. (2017). “Restoring the Entrails of Welfare Reform.Poverty & Public Policy.

Working Papers

»  Parolin, Z. (2020). “Parental unemployment reaches historic highs during the Covid-19 pandemic.” Poverty and Social Policy Brief. Center on Poverty and Social Policy, Columbia University. Vol. 4, no. 10.

»  Parolin, Z., Curran, M., Matsudaira, J., Waldfogel, J., and Wimer, C. (2020). “Monthly poverty rates in the United States during COVID-19.” Poverty and Social Policy Working Paper. Center on Poverty and Social Policy, Columbia University.

»  Parolin, Z., Curran, M. and Wimer, C. (2020). “The CARES Act and Poverty in the COVID-19 Crisis: Promises and Pitfalls of the Recovery Rebates and Expanded Unemployment Benefits.” Poverty and Social Policy Brief. Center on Poverty and Social Policy, Columbia University. Vol. 4, no. 8.

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»  Parolin, Z. (2019) “Automation and Occupational Wage Trends: What Role for Unions and Collective Bargaining?” OECD Working Papers. (OECD Future of Work Fellowship)

»  Parolin, Z. (2017). “Applying Augmented Survey Data to Produce More Accurate, Precise, and Internationally Comparable Estimates of Poverty within the 50 United States.” CSB Working Paper, No. 17-09.

»  Parolin, Z. (2016). “The Sum of Its Parts? Assessing Variation and Trends in Family Income Support Across the 48 Contiguous United States.” CSB Working Paper, No. 16-05.

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