Hi, I’m Zach.

I investigate the measurement, causes, and consequences of poverty and social inequality across the United States and European Union.


PhD, Socio-Economics at University of Antwerp, Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy
Past: University of Oxford (MSc, Comparative Social Policy), University of Missouri (Bachelor of Journalism)

Research Fields

  • Comparative social policy (U.S., European Union)
  • Family policy and child poverty
  • Tax & benefits microsimulation

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 Upcoming Presentations

  • “Automation, Occupational Wages, and the Moderating Role of Labor Market Institutions”
    • at ESPANet (Vilnius, Lithuania: September 2018)
    • at “What Drives Inequality?” Workshop (Luxembourg: October 2018)
    • at Symposium on the Socio-Economic Impacts of Technological Change (Rome, Italy: November 2018)
    • at OECD (Paris, November 2018)
    • at Labor Market Liberalization after the Lehman Crisis (Tokyo, Japan: December 2018)

 Recent Research